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Keynote Speaker

Pete has been the keynote speaker at scores of universities, corporate retreats, museums, non-profits, and community events—from audiences over 2500 to private confidential board retreats of 20. 

To inquire, contact Deborah at Changemaker Talent.

Most recently, Pete gave a TEDx talk at Dartmouth College on the threats facing the Grand Canyon, based on his 750-mile trek through the national park.

World Economic Forum

Pete spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January of 2019. Check out the video of his full talk.

Below are two presentations that are part of a series called “Chasing Rivers” that Pete did with National Geographic Live. The first is about how Pete paddled and hiked the length of the Colorado River Delta, photographing and filming a conservation success—the river’s triumphant, yet temporary, return to the sea.
In the second presentation, Pete takes a photographic and scientific journey along India’s sacred waterway, the Ganges, which is believed to be a sacred river, but struggles with a detrimental pollution problem.

Hear an interview with Pete on NPR’s Talk of the Nation.

Past Events